Category 40: Corentin Douguet announced the European Cup winner (...]

Category 40: Corentin Douguet announced the European Cup winner (…]

“In my first season on the track, I am very happy to win the European Cup.

Great battles on the water and on boats that require a lot of commitment and in a relaxed atmosphere, class 40
class 40
# class 40
It is the perfect cocktail” summarizes C. Douguet.

The season started at the beginning of April with the 1000 Milles des Sables, a qualifying race for the next race Rum Road
Rum Road
Guadeloupe destination but also back to school for the 40ft fleet. First race of the Gray and Red v2 lift and first win for Corentin Doggett ahead of Ian Lipinski (Crdit Mutuel) and Axel Train.

Barely a month later, Ian Lipinski and Ambrogio Beccaria won the hotly contested CIC Normandy Channel Race, a double-handed loop in the English Channel and the Celtic Sea. Corentin Douguet was placed second for the occasion by Yoann Richomme, and the Matthieu Perraut/Kevin Bloch duo finished second and third, respectively.

The following week, the crew of Nicolas d’Estais (Happyvore) won an Armenian race. In June, the SSE Round Ireland yachting race allowed Andrea Fornaro (In Fluence) to sign his first victory on the circuit. class 40
class 40
# class 40

The second solo meeting of the season, the Derhem Cup hosts 37 Class 40s on the 1,000-mile course between Cherbourg and La Trinette-sur-Mer; This time it was Xavier Macaire (SNEF Group) who beat Corentin Douguet and Simon Koster (Banque du Leman).

In August, volatile weather hampered participants in the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race, but gave the win to Irishman James Mac Hugh (Tquila).

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The sixth race for the 2022 Cup and the sixth winner!

40 Malouine Lamotte, the sea race from 24 hours
24 hours
24 hour distance record
, so he was about to split the pioneer boats in Saint-Malo. With his second win of the season, Corentin Douguet won the 2022 European Cup.

Two additional points to note: being in the top ten of the “sharp” 40s (first class is seventh, Pierre Kasnav-Pr on Mach 40.3 Legallais) and Finland’s superb 20th place in the 2007 CC40, first vintage.

See you on November 6 for the beginning Rum Road
Rum Road
Destination Guadeloupe, where 55 Class40s will line up. At the end of this transatlantic race, the Class40 2022 Champion will be crowned.

they said

Axel Train: “I am very happy with this result which rewards a solid second season at the helm of a Class40 Project Rescue Ocean, despite so many excellent sailors making it to the ring. I am proud to be part of this class at full expansion and to be able to sail on these Exceptional boats, which give access to the greatest marine races within reasonable budgets.Personally, I am also very satisfied that my work in the water makes it possible to highlight the commitment of all volunteers in the project Rescue Ocean Society, which works every day to raise awareness among the general public About the urgent need to reduce our consumption of plastic. Feel free to join us!”

Matteo Pirro: “Overall, we are very happy with our boat! Having a new boat was a challenge for us at the start and reliability. We are so happy with the first results of the season, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better start! The level has gone up so much now that all the boats are Who will take part in the Rhum is there; it’s more motivating! A fairly mixed class with a lot of different formations, which is pretty cool. All in all, all the riders, although motivated with a win, remain very kind and we share great moments before the races but in a good way. special then.”

European Cup Ranking

  • 1. Corentin Douguet (Quguiner – Innoveo) 380 points
  • 2. Axel Train (Ocean Rescue Project) – 334 Points
  • 3. M. Beirut / F. Lancin (Inter Invest) – 308 points
  • 4. Ian Lipinski (Crdit Mutuel) 296 points
  • 5. Emmanuel Le Roche (Edenried) 272 points
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