Catalonia reimposes measures to curb rise in Covid-19 cases

Catalonia reimposes measures to curb rise in Covid-19 cases

Nightclubs and other entertainment venues in confined spaces will once again have to close their doors.

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This is more bad news. Catalonia On Tuesday, July 6, I decided to re-impose restrictions to limit the increase “accelerated” Recent cases of Covid-19, especially among young people, are in this region of northeastern Spain.

Independent Catalan government spokeswoman Patricia Plaga said nightclubs and other indoor nightlife must close from this weekend and show a negative antigen or PCR test, or be vaccinated, to participate in outdoor events that bring together more than 500 people. .

“The epidemiological situation in Catalonia is very complex”she said because “The number of cases is growing at an exponential rate, much higher than we can tolerate.” “The epidemic is not over yet, the new variants are highly contagious and we still have large sections of the population that have not been vaccinated. We cannot claim that we have beaten the virus”, warning Patricia Beach.

She even spoke of the return of the obligation to wear the mask, stressing, however, that this decision does not fall within the competence of the independent Catalan government. Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory outdoors in Spain since June 26.

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