Cat hunting competition open to children canceled after protests

By Le Figaro with AFP

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The competition is to catch and kill cats to win first prize. Anthony /

Children had to catch and Kill the cats To win the first prize: a contest in New Zealand It was finally overturned after it caused an outcry, a decision a New Zealand body applauded on Wednesday Animal protection.

Organizers of the annual wild boar and deer hunting competition have caused panic by announcing the creation of a specific category for children under the age of 14.

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A plague on the ground

To win the first prize – a sum of NZ$250 (€141) – the children had to catch feral cats, also called feral cats, domestic cats back into the wild. On Tuesday, organizers said the category, which included a warning to children not to kill pet cats, was removed.

The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals itself declared “We are happy and excited to remove the ‘Children’ category which included shooting stray cats.”Children, like adults“, incorrect “Unable to distinguish between a stray cat, a stray cat, or a frightened domestic catsaid a spokesperson for Animal Welfare.

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The rest of the competition, which was organized to raise money for a school in the country, was also preserved. The organizers stated thatVile and inappropriate emails“sent”to school and other people.”The safety of our sponsors and the school is our main priority and the decision was made to withdraw this category this year to avoid further negative feedbackthe organizers wrote on Facebook.

Feral cats are such a pest in New Zealand that they are responsible for dwindling populations of birds, bats, lizards, mice and other insects, according to the New Zealand Department of Conservation, which is responsible for preserving the country’s historical and natural heritage.

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