Cassani: "I will speak in Italy."  Dgnoni: "We will decide at the end of August"

Cassani: “I will speak in Italy.” Dgnoni: “We will decide at the end of August”

Tokyo 2020 | 07/30/2021 | 08:34
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Our expectation made noise, as it made sense. Cassani returns home, and the information machine is turned on. “I’m on a plane now. Why did I leave Tokyo so early? I’d rather talk about it tonight when I get back. The Italian cycling coach, David Cassani, told ANSA before leaving for Tokyo to go back to Italy. His position may be questioned after the Olympic results in tests Road, where he took bronze from Elisa Longo Borghini among the women and disappointed the men in both the line race and in the time test.

“I spoke to him about Cassani’s future in recent days: he wanted to know immediately what it would be, and I explained to him that a federal assembly was scheduled for the end of August and evaluations and selections would be made on that occasion.” Cordiano D’Annone, Federciclismo’s president, is on the phone with ANSA reviewing the prospects for the Blue Road Technical Commissioner’s role. “Assurances to Cassani – he adds – now I can’t give it to him, in any case he has a contract until September 30 which also covers the world championships. The previous federal administration did it, and rightly so, to give technical continuity. But it is also clear that the newly elected president has The right to form his own team. Pugno? He is more than a friend, he is a brother. But now I am not in a position to make names. However, I want to point out one thing: Cassani returned to Italy because the rules in the games in the time of the epidemic say that once His job is over, the road tests are over, the technician must go home: if that were the case. It was up to us, we would have stayed here too.”

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