Cassani.  Children open in public

Cassani. Children open in public

In May, Kassani’s municipal council proposed a flower-blooming competition for the village for 2021. The main goal is for each citizen to be able to participate in the improvement of the landscape and the creation of their own living environment. Secondly, the idea was then to be able to develop exchanges with neighbors and thus reclaim the outdoor space as a meeting place.

Among the categories of this competition, houses with gardens visible from the street (landscape gardens, flower gardens and vegetable gardens), houses and buildings with facades and balconies visible from the street and public places decorated by a private individual should be awarded. or association. We add to this the hostels, tourist receptions, shops and companies…

In this last category, the children of ALAE (Extracurricular Reception) from the Cassagne School competed by going to the flowers and decorating the perimeter of the sheep barn at Bessous, located in a recess on the side of the Carraou Bridge. APAII illustrators and parents of volunteer students oversee the initiative. On the kids side, we felt a lot of imagination and determination to spare. Plastic, bottles, frames, pallets, cans, or just recycled materials were used extensively as containers while flowers and shrubs came to brighten the whole. The children hope that the jury will reward their efforts. Response at the end of July.

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