Carcassonne: a social space in Bastide to "strengthen the connection in the neighbourhood"

Carcassonne: a social space in Bastide to “strengthen the connection in the neighbourhood”

A place where the people of the area can come to store ‘advice, information and guidance’.

About its director, Pierre Alberola, “The Bastide/Pont-Vieux social life space that just opened its doors in the city is like all EVS: a place of local entertainment that offers a range of advice, information and direction towards activities for children, teens, adults and seniors. It is a place of closeness, listening and support, with a family-oriented and multi-generational career of In order to strengthen social ties in this priority area, and a place to develop actions that allow residents to express themselves, design and implement projects in service of the greater number, with the aim of local solidarity.

This project was born from the desire of Café de l’Aude, Agglo de Carcassonne and the Inter-Municipal Social Action Center (CIAS) so that each priority district of Carcassonne has, in its surroundings, an animated structure of social life.

Teaching the elderly to use a computer tool

Answer parents’ questions about their children’s education, guide a young man looking for a job, help him fill out his resume, help a student or high school student manage a Parcours Sup account, teach an older person to use a computer tool, to support and accompany downtown associations In her work: these are the many tasks of the person in charge Pierre Alberola and the agents of EVS, Sébastien and Chadia. On site, computers and a printer scanner are available to visitors.

Bastide / Pont-Vieux Social space, 72, rue du 4-Septembre. Open Monday afternoon, 2pm-5:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-12:30pm and 2pm-5pm Tel. : 04 68 71 03 91; email : [email protected]
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