Car simulation game Gran Turismo signals the return of the hats

Car simulation game Gran Turismo signals the return of the hats

This is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it should mark the return of one of the most popular car simulator licenses: Gran Turismo 7 is available for sale on Friday. Exclusively for Playstation, developed by Polyphony Digital, this eighth installment aims to be a return to the “classic” formula, after Gran Turismo Sport focused heavily on multiplayer, which disappointed fans in 2017.

As in the first episodes, players will have to do their fields on the base cars to unlock the best and fastest on the planet after a few hours of gameplay. This somewhat sluggish start may bore casual players, but it at least allows to be fully satisfied with the sequel: racing at full speed in cars teeming with detail. In total, 424 cars (from Ferrari to Porsche, via Toyota) and 34 circuits are offered to players.

Ocon invested in development

While GT7 still has some AI issues and a lack of impact during collisions, critics have generally praised it for the quality of its gameplay. Graphically very beautiful, it is able to perfectly reproduce the feeling of speed and the driving experience, directly affected by weather conditions. Qualities that the game probably owes in part to Esteban Ocon, as an alpine driver was one of the consultants for the game’s development.

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