Capturing our weekends as “mini vacations” will make us happier

Capturing our weekends as “mini vacations” will make us happier

Your psyche is always busy, you never really feel relaxed, even once the weekend rolls around?

What if we told you that you would feel so much better considering this last one a very short vacation? In reality, Just treating the weekends like a vacation can make you happierA argues A recent article from Washington Post.

But how then do we begin to treat weekends as holidays?

Tell yourself we’re on vacation and not the weekend to boost your happiness

Treating Saturday and Sunday as your best summer vacation seems to be the secret to a fulfilling life. Indeed, a study published in 2020 in the journal Social Psychology and Personality SciencesAnd May revealed that “treating the weekend as a vacation can increase happiness”.

According to the latter Article from Washington Post, Those who spent a weekend as vacationers reported more happiness, less negativity and greater satisfaction of those who approached the weekend as they always did” in the study.

And to replicate this thought in your daily life,” simply repeat these six words at the start of the weekend: “Treat the weekend like a vacation.” “It’s that simple,” the outlet adds.

A way to be more aware of the present moment

But how do we explain this natural happiness booster? Because we’ll be more aware, and “more attentive to the present moment,” when we feel like we’re on vacation, determines the American media.

Treating the weekend as a vacation activates a shift in mindset — it pushes us out of our constant work pattern, where our activities are things we try to cross over to check off our to-do lists,” said Cassie Holmes, co-author of the study.

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In fact, our spirits will be better able to enjoy our weekend days and activities thanks to this situation. The professor and researcher added: “The festive state of mind allows us to feel that we can really take a break and enjoy the present moment.”

The study’s authors write that the latest research “suggests that paying attention to the present was more important for reaping the emotional benefits of free time” on weekends.

The many mental benefits of the holidays

Science has already proven the many psychological benefits of vacations.

A study published in 2016 in Holiday Marketing MagazineAnd king reveal how Vacations can improve emotional well-being. In reality, individualsPeople who are waiting to go on vacation are happier with their lives. Researchers experience fewer negative or upsetting emotions, and thus benefit from an overall net positive effect or pleasurable emotion.”

Although not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to go on vacation, and some of us just don’t have time to think about how they should handle their personal obligations this upcoming weekend that weighs heavily on them, vacations are a lifesaver for our mental health. And it seems that treating the weekend as a sneaky getaway could dramatically improve our sense of well-being.

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