Captures the holy grail of Pokémon Go: dark, shiny, and… almost perfect

Captures the holy grail of Pokémon Go: dark, shiny, and… almost perfect

A Pokémon Go player shared his amazing luck online, after he captured a mysterious shiny Chétiflor with high stats, a rare combination in itself.

In Pokémon Go, Dark Pokémon are encountered once Team Rocket members are defeated in battle. This means that players are not only reliant on Team Rocket appearing, but also on carrying the Dark Pokémon they desire.

Additionally, the chance to encounter a Pokémon with high IVs is rare in itself, often called “hundo”, but the shiny version (also called “shundo” if it also has perfect IVs) is even rarer. Shiny Pokémon are extremely difficult to encounter, even during special Pokémon Go events that increase the odds.

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A Pokémon Go player won the grand prize because he managed to get the rarest trait in a single Pokémon.

One incredibly lucky Pokémon Go player was able to catch the dark, shiny Chétiflor

A user on the Pokémon Go Reddit named pokemonburner1 revealed that he captured a shiny, mysterious version of Chétiflor with near-perfect stats. All of these elements combined make it a valuable Pokémon, especially for fans of the Chétiflor breed.

“Amazing capture!!! really good. I have never had a shine from a client or leader. No more shondo. So make sure you star it so you don’t accidentally send it to the teacher.” One user writes, while another says, “When will my turn come, 5 years without any dark shine.”

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Shiny Pokémon are often easier to encounter in Pokémon Go, thanks to regular events that increase their chances of appearing, but the dark shiny Chétiflor with its impressive stats remains an amazing find. It can take years to find a single shiny, mysterious piece, even with better odds.

Much of the discussion surrounding this topic revolves around whether the original poster should have purified the Dark Pokemon. Purifying a Pokemon increases its stats, but removes its dark state, meaning it will turn into a regular Shundo and no longer be a Dark Shiny.

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Regardless of the author’s original choice, he will always have a rare Pokémon in his collection. The dark shiny Chétiflor is something that will look great in Pokémon Go, while purifying it and sending it to a main game will give it a powerful shiny Pokémon to use in its next adventure.

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