Can’t buy the RTX 3080? Some miners seem to have no problem getting one

While the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 It is definitely an amazing graphics card, and it is probably best known at this point for being just a pain to get your hands on. However, not everyone faces the same amount of problems.

After it ends in Ticarb A miner with 78 PNY RTX 3080s shows, which is 78 RTX 3080s more than most people can get right now. That’s $ 54,522 worth of retail graphics cards. On the chance to get out of this mine he did not do Use a robot to extract all of these cards from retail sites, as most RTX 3080s sell for around $ 1,199 on sites like Ebay, so at most we’re looking for devices worth $ 93,522.

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