Cane and Coles are out for round

Cane and Coles are out for round

A few hours after New Zealand’s success in Japan (38-31) as part of the Autumn Tour, the All Blacks must already face their first bump before joining Europe. Sam Kanye and Dean Coles are out of competition.

Saturday morning’s New Zealand victory over Japan on Japanese soil (38-31) left more marks than it seemed. And the kiwi would have done just fine without it. On the eve of joining Europe in a three-game series against Wales (November 5), Scotland (November 13) and England (November 19), the All Blacks will have to deal without key players for the remainder of the competition.

It’s about Dane Coles and Sam Cane. The first injured his calf before the match against the Japanese and logically did not enter play, and the second hit his teammate David Haveli in the face during a quarrel. If at first the doctors were unsure about the third line, Further examinations revealed a fracture of the captain’s cheekbone. This unexpected diagnosis is already putting an end to the Rotorua native’s fall tour. The two men, on the wing, don’t stay with their pick for the rest of the round and Directly back to New Zealand to start their treatment protocols.

Without Retallick in Europe?

Brody Retalik was sent off in the 66th minute of the match against Japan after he was sent off with a header on Kazuki Himeno. Miss the sequel Autumn Tour. After his gesture, Second Line received a summons from the World Rugby authorities the following November 1 so that he could explain himself, waiting Possible comment. The New Zealander, who was part of the selection, could get leniency from the authorities as it is the first red card of his career. Without Sam Kane and Dane Coles, perhaps Brody Retalk, and after a painful victory over Japan less than a year after the World Cup in France, the All Blacks are approaching a perilous journey to Europe where they pull in all the looks.

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