Canada: A meteor the size of a watermelon hits the bed while you sleep

Canada: A meteor the size of a watermelon hits the bed while you sleep

A resident of Golden, British Columbia, Canada narrowly avoided tragedy. A meteor the size of a watermelon fell from the sky and crashed within inches of her pillow while she was sleeping.

Ruth Hamilton still can’t believe it! “I’ve never been so scared in my life” when she was just avoiding drama. On October 11, this is a resident golden, in British Columbia in western Canada, I woke up right from the start at midnight. The sound of a rock that just crashed near her awakens her as she sleeps softly.

“I heard massive explosion I felt wreckage on my face.” CBC. In a hurry, not really understanding what is happening, she first thinks of an explosion in the house or a sudden intrusion. “I jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. I didn’t know what to do, so I called 911,” the emergency number for help and the police explained.

A piece of rock fell from space, ripping off the ceiling of a BC woman before she came to rest on her flowering pillow, inches from where her head had been moments before.

– CBC News (CBCNews) October 12, 2021


But in the course of the discussion on the phone with the operator, Ruth begins to understand that in fact … meteor ! “Speaking to the worker, who was asking me all sorts of questions, I look back and find at that moment, between the two pillows on which I slept, a meteorite.”

Then you discover a large piece of black rock the size of a small melon. The meteor splashed the Canadian roof before hitting his bed, just a few centimeters from his head. It’s a worker who was sent on the spot to locate the orb on the spot. Ruth Halmilton plans to keep this gift from heaven, a kind of good luck charm so much so that the chances of it happening to her are slim.

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