“Can you see it from there?”  Family members of a French navigator missing at sea ask the astronauts for help – Corriere.it

“Can you see it from there?” Family members of a French navigator missing at sea ask the astronauts for help – Corriere.it

From Elisabetta Rosspina

Guirec Soude has paddled across the Atlantic and been missing since July 29. The gravity of the French in orbit around the Earth

Earth Calling Space: Please Take a look from the International Space Station above the ocean, near the Azores, if by chance you manage to spot a pink point with a Breton flag … who cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, from the coast of Massachusetts, United States, towards Brest, in Brittany. with a boat.

contacts with him They’ve been missing for about ten days nowBut what gives hope that it is just a communication problem is the fact that the reckless young man has not yet used his emergency location transmitter. No big ship has crossed it since July 29 And so it was decided to ascend there, higher but not far, to the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, who is renting the space station for four months in orbit around the Earth at an altitude of 400 kilometers above sea level.

Two days ago Pesquet sent the detailed photos to the base From the fires in Turkey, and the Alpine town of Brianon, captured through its aperture: perhaps, by sharpening the view or the telephoto lens, a great canoe can also be identified among the ocean waves, so sud friends hope. The message via Facebook tries to be as light and less dramatic as possible. Signed by Monique, who is not his girlfriend but a red hen picked up in the Canary Islands, and whose navigator in France famously crossed the Atlantic on a schooner as a married couple, eight years ago, and for five years roaming the land between the South Pole and the Arctic. Their record became a book three years ago: La fabuleuse histoire de Guirec et Monique, also translated into English and German.

The other location is Bosco, his dog, a cross between a Husky and an Irishman of Alaskan origin and considered a skilled sailor. But the two beasts, this time, stayed home. Keen, all with Soude’s support team: All Thomas Pesquet – Text of Appeal – We are tired of waiting for news from the Pope. Right, she made us promise not to disturb the entire Earth if we were worried… but she’s an extraterrestrial in space, so we’re entitled to it, right?

And therefore This is the naive request for help from the astronaut: His name is Guirec Soude and as crazy as she is on her spaceship, but he’s on a small seaship (and sometimes a submarine)! Certainly northeast of Flores (Azores) about 250 or 300 nautical miles. If he sees a pink dot with a Breton flag, Dad! We dream of having a picture of him. And if you could open the window, and throw it in with a satellite phone and a solar charger (and some hard-boiled eggs), that would be a godsend!

Originally from Bluegrescan, in the Coastal Armor section, Guirec Soude departed on June 15 from Chatham Port. To arrive at the end of August Or, at the latest, in early September in Brittany. At the beginning of July, he ended up in a storm that destroyed most of his electronic devices. One of the solar panels appears to be out of order as well.

But according to Grard D’Aboville, the first navigator to circumnavigate the North Atlantic, Loss of media is not a problem Less moral support is insurmountable. As for the chances of the young Breton teammate reaching the finish line, he was optimistic, talk to him FranceInfo: This guy has everything it takes to succeed in transit. Cut for adventure. For several black days I managed to get news about him Communication via VHF radio, a very high frequency radio, with cargo ships that passed along the route. But starting July 29, the utter silence and his position ceased to be revealed.

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His ground contact, who is updating the explorer’s blog, is trying to keep his cool. This was confirmed by Alice Claessens, photographer and PR for the group Guirec’s last wish was for the emergency vehicles to leave To find him again, put an end to the project. Of course, a look from above wouldn’t hurt anyway.

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