Can Covid-19 be detected soon with an app?

Can Covid-19 be detected soon with an app?

Screening is an essential process in the fight against Covid-19. We learned that New Zealand is testing an app to detect the Coronavirus The Sunday Newspaper.

The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed the world for more than a year. The control strategy now consists of rapidly locating patients for isolation. Strict implementation of such an approach can help break transmission chains. From this perspective, most countries continue to explore options that can facilitate testing for the Coronavirus. As for New Zealand, it thought of a technical solution, including a computer program. This is able to collect data to identify potential carriers of the virus.

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The country’s border officials have been testing an unprecedented app for several days. This is able to identify potentially infected people with Covid-19. Its operation is based on the Internet of Things.

Accuracy of about 90%

Elarm is a coronavirus scanning app. In theory, it can identify patients, even if they are not showing symptoms. The app communicates with connected objects such as smart watches. In fact, these instruments are generally equipped with sensors that make it possible to obtain information on the user’s physiological states, among other things, temperature, heart rate or oxygen saturation rate.

Then the data history of each user is collected. Then Elarm’s AI develops a personal baseline with the information obtained. This rule will be used later to analyze the slightest physiological changes.

Datamin is the company behind the development of Ilarm. It has an accuracy of about 90% in detecting the warning signs of Coronavirus disease. It can be detected up to three days before symptoms appear.

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New Zealand, the first country to try this concept

New Zealanders are often presented as an example of their successful management of a health crisis. The island nation has a population of five million. It hardly counted 26 deaths linked to Covid-19. Hence the authorities prefer border agents, because new cases in the country are being imported. ” Although this type of technology is available to consumers in other countries, the Ministry of Health is not aware of any other country it is experimenting with with its staff at the border. A spokesman for Agence France-Presse said.

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