Cameroon signs military agreement with Russia

Cameroon signs military agreement with Russia

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Cameroon concluded a military agreement with Russia. The defense ministers of the two countries signed their initials eight days ago in Moscow.

With our correspondent in YaoundeAnd Polycarb Isumba

The agreement relates to a 13-page document, which was initialed by the Minister of Defense, Joseph Petti Asomo, and the Russian Federation by his counterpart, General Sergei Chogo.

For the most part and in Article 2 of this document, the two countries Agreeing to exchange opinions and information in the field of international defense and security policy, and to develop relations in the field of joint training and troop training, military education, medicine, and military topography or hydrography.

They also agreed to exchange experiences, peacekeeping and interaction in peace support operations under the auspices of the United Nations.

A divisive deal

The terminology is too general for many observers to believe that it is necessary to look elsewhere than this document to understand the depth and implications of this agreement.

However, many welcome Yaoundé’s courage in initialing such an agreement at this time, at a time when Russia is involved. In a controversial military operation It is criticized all over the world. Others also see the shadow of the Wagner Nebula rising, this particular Russian militia whose actions are stirring controversy on the continent.

But for the most optimistic, Yaounde is right, especially as the country is tormented by numerous security crises in the north with Boko Haram in the English-speaking areas and in the east of the country. And they believe that Russia, whose military power has been proven, can help.

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