Call Boris Johnson to order his apartment renovation

Call Boris Johnson to order his apartment renovation

The Election Commission, which regulates the accounts of political parties, has fined Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party for failing to announce the total amount of the donation received to fund this renewal.

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The punishment falls hard on the conservative leader, with his integrity already under attack. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was called to order on Thursday, December 9, the extravagant renovation of his Downing Street home, funded by a private donation. The Electoral Commission, the regulator of political parties’ accounts, has fined Boris Johnson £16,250 (approximately €19,000) to Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party for failing to make public the total amount of donation received to fund this renewal, plus a fine of 1,550. £ for violating the obligation to keep proper accounting records.

The commission launched an investigation in April to examine potential violations related to work carried out in the apartment Boris Johnson occupied with his wife Carrie Symonds and their son Wilfred at 11 Downing Street, which is 10, his residence. . It concluded on Thursday that the Conservative Party received a donation of nearly £69,000 from Huntswood Associates Limited, a company run by a party close to the party, in October 2020..

Of this amount, only £15,000 was announced as a donation by the party. Went, “The total amount of £67,801 was a donation and should have been reported to the committee.”, the latter confirmed. Boris Johnson was attacked by the opposition for funding this work, and he assured Parliament last April that he had I personally paid for the renewal., without specifying that he benefited from a donation and then recovered it. He confirmed that he respected the rules.

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