Calendar Paper 2021: February 22

Day in and day out, you will find a review of events, tales, birthdays or deaths associated with this date.  Photo: dpa (photo: dpa) Photo: dpa

Day in and day out, you will find a review of events, tales, birthdays or deaths associated with this date. Image: dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: dpa)

Berlin – current schedule for February 22, 2021:

Eighth week in the calendar, the 53rd day of the year

312 days until the end of the year

Star marks fish

Name Day: Margarita

Historical data

2020 – The first unit of the French nuclear power plant Fessenheim will be closed. The second reactor will go out of service on June 29. In neighboring Germany in particular, there have been protests over the security risks.

2011 – A 6.3-magnitude earthquake strikes Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. 185 people were killed.

2008 – The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) gives the green light for the first time a bird flu vaccine for humans.

2006 – The golden dome of the military shrine, one of the most important shrines of Shiite Muslims, is destroyed in a bomb attack in Samarra, northern Iraq. After the attack, violence escalated between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and hundreds died.

2001 – Dutch Heineken and the Schörghuber Group’s Bayerische BrauHolding seals their beer marriage. For the first time, the giant of the foreign brewery will have a large presence on the German beer market.

1996 – French President Jacques Chirac declares that France wants to abolish compulsory military service, which was introduced in 1793 in favor of a professional army.

1993 – The UN Security Council decides to establish a war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

1966 – Chemistry professor Margot Beck-Goering is the first woman to be appointed president of a university in the Federal Republic of Germany. She held her position at Heidelberg Ruprecht Karls University in the winter semester of 1966/1967.

1876 ​​Johns Hopkins University is founded in Baltimore. It would be the first university in the United States to combine teaching and research based on the German model.


1981 – Shakuza (40), Austrian hip-hop musician (“Magnolia”, “Exodus”)

1956 – Philip Kerr, British writer (a crime series about Berlin’s private investigator Bernie Günther), Dr. 2018

1943 – Horst Koehler (78), German politician, Federal President 2004-2010, Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) 2000-2004

1941 – Jürgen Noldner (80), German football player, player of the German Democratic Republic

1921 – Jean Bedel Bokassa, politician from Central Africa, head of state 1966-1979, self-styled Emperor of Bokassa I 1976, Dr. 1996

Days of death

2006 – Hilde Domaine, German writer (“The Return of the Ships”, “I Want You”), Rainer Maria Rilke Prize for Poetry 1976, born in 1909

1671 – Adam Olerius, German writer and court scholar, founder of the book Scientific Travel, translations from Persian, born in 1599

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