Calendar Paper 2021: April 5

Day by day you will find a review of events, tales, birthdays or deaths associated with this date.  Photo: dpa (photo: dpa) Photo: dpa

Day by day you will find a review of events, tales, birthdays or deaths associated with this date. Image: dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: dpa)

Berlin – current calendar paper for April 5, 2021:

The fourteenth week AD, the ninety-fifth day of the year

270 days until the end of the year

Zodiac sign: Aries

Name Day: Juliana, Vincent

Historical data

2020 – Queen Elizabeth II calls on Britons in a landmark televised address to persevere in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Aside from traditional Christmas sermons, this is only the fourth speech of its kind by the British head of state, in office since 1952.

2019-100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, a new museum of the artist movement opened in Weimar, Thuringia.

2011 – When a refugee ship capsizes off the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, up to 250 people are killed.

2006 – On a poultry farm in Wermsdorf near Leipzig in Saxony, bird flu appears in a poultry farm for the first time in Germany.

2001 – European Union Transport Ministers give the green light to the development of the European “Galileo” satellite navigation system.

1986 – Three people are killed in an explosive attack on “La Belle” nightclub in Berlin, which is visited by the US military mainly. More than 200 wounded.

1951 – In the USA, the first open heart surgery is performed using the heart-lung machine.

1946 – The Soviet Army vacates the Danish island of Bornholm after eleven months. In May 1945, it liberated the Baltic Sea island from German occupation.

1941 – British forces occupy the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, ending the occupation of the Italians since 1935. In May, Emperor Haile Selassie returns to the city from exile.


1981 – Tom Riley (40), British actor (“Da Vinci’s Demons”)

1978 – Franziska van Almsik (43), German swimmer, wins four silver and six bronze medals at four Olympic Games.

1951 – Dean Kamen (70), American inventor (Segway electric scooter)

1926 – Roger Corman (95), American director (“Piranha”, “Warlock”)

1901 – Curt Bois, German actor and director (“Der Himmel über Berlin”), Dr. 1991

Days of death

2020 – Honor Blackman, British actress (“James Bond 007 – The Golden Finger”, TV series “With Umbrella, Magic, and Bowler Hat”), born in 1925

1976 – Howard Hughes, American industrialist, film producer and aircraft designer, born 1905

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