Caitlin Jenner announces her candidacy for California governor

Caitlin Jenner announces her candidacy for California governor

Caitlin Jenner, a former Olympic champion and member of the Kardashian clan, announced her candidacy for Governor of California on Friday, April 23, with the goal of becoming the first transgender person to hold the position in the United States.

” OK “And it said in a statement that the previous decade that culminated in Montreal in 1976 will officially launch its campaign “In the coming weeks”.

“I’ve been a compassionate agitator my whole life, representing the United States and winning an Olympic gold medal to helping advance the equality movement.”

The 71-year-old transgender activist lives in California For nearly fifty years. “I came here because I knew that everyone, regardless of their history or social status, could fulfill their dreams.”as you say.

Ballot paper “withdraw”

“I am a true winner and the only” outsider “who can win The end of the catastrophic mandate Written by Democratic Governor Gavin NewsomM.I Jenner, a longtime Republican activist.

So you denounce ‘Small business destroyed’ By shutting down the economy to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, ‘An entire generation of children’ He was denied school for a year And the “Excessive taxes that destroy jobs, harm families, and place a particularly heavy burden on the most vulnerable.”.

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The state may soon organize a referendum to sack its previously popular governor, but his star has faded with his decision to impose strict health restrictions to stem the pandemic. Authorities will confirm by the end of April that the number of signatures required – around 1.5 million – to organize this ‘Withdraw the ballot’ Has been accomplished.

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If so, a referendum would be required to ask California voters whether they want to replace Gavin Newsom, who has been in power since 2019, and if so, by whom.

Caitlin Jenner had supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election but said she regretted her decision two years later, believing that the transgender community “It is constantly under attack.” By the Republican president.

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