Buzet-sur-Baise.  "Vivre au 21" reflects on the current major issues

Buzet-sur-Baise. “Vivre au 21” reflects on the current major issues

“Vivre au 21” (Understanding Living in the Twenty-first Century) is an association based in Buzet-sur-Baïse for thirteen years.

President Jean Chazelon also specifies that he created this association at the same time as his wife Josette created the Barre Union 47 (who had just left her place as president a few days before).

“Vivre au 21” is about fifteen members who meet monthly to discuss often topical topics. All of them live in the area (Nerac, Ajen, Marmandi …), but “nobody is from Buzet,” Jean Chazelon laments.

The main themes of in-group thinking

The topics covered are very diverse. The month of May, for example, was devoted to thinking about agriculture in Ukraine as well as about God and science. Among the main topics discussed above, we find migration, demographic evolution of the world, gravel pits on the Garonne plain, etc. Over the past year, one of the topics has been of particular interest: the study of Aldous Huxley’s science fiction novel Brave New World. “We shuddered to learn that science can make tools that allow us all to recognize us and follow us at all times,” says Jean Chazelon.

How not to connect this novel (although it was written in 1932) with our current health statement or, in its more detailed version, this subcutaneous microchip that was just tested this year in Sweden? Huxley’s other predictions came true, namely the flying taxis and perpendiculars currently being tested in France and England.

Are we really led to the best of all worlds, or to the worst?

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