Bungie Announced Marathon, Available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC!  |  Xbox One

Bungie Announced Marathon, Available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC! | Xbox One

This is definitely one of the biggest announcements to come out of the PlayStation conference. Bungie has revealed its next game, Marathon, a license that Bungie has owned since its inception.

Bungie’s new game will be released on Xbox

Marathon is a multiplayer FPS game that was released in 1994 on the Macintosh, followed by Marathon 2: Durandal in 1995 and Marathon Infinity in 1996. During the PlayStation conference Bungie announced a new episode, simply called Marathon.

Acquired by Sony in 2022, Bungie has been busy with Destiny 2 at the time, but has been secretly making progress on this new title. As expected, this is not a PlayStation exclusive as Sony has claimed that Bungie games will continue to be released on multiple platforms.

A massive ghost ship hovers in low orbit over a lost colony on Tau Ceti IV. The 30,000 souls that inhabited this place disappeared without a trace. Strange signals point to mysterious artifacts, long-dormant AI systems, and treasures of untold wealth. You are a runner, venturing into the unknown in a battle for glory…and infamy. Who among you will write your name across the stars?

Become a runner in Bungie’s new sci-fi PvP shooter. Fight for survival, fortune and fame in a world of constantly evolving regions, where every race can lead to greatness.

Marathon is described as a “new PvP shooter” set in a science fiction universe. It is planned to be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC, and will benefit from cross-play and cross-save functions.

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