Bundesliga: Coach Muslake throws the towel at Reed

Bundesliga: Coach Muslake throws the towel at Reed

“Because of the current situation and after evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of the club and myself, I am resigning as a coach. Unfortunately, we have not achieved our common sporting goals,” said the former FAC coach who arrived at the start of the year only. “Staying in the league and the positive future of the club is one of the top priorities. I hope I will be able to give a boost to my resignation.”

After separating from Gerald Baumgartner in December, Muslik looked after the residents of Inivertel for only three months. Recently, Harv was assigned to his side as assistant, because the “Vikings” under Muslic had not won a match (three draws) and finally finished the regular round in 11th place. In the qualifying round, which starts after the current international hiatus, Reader is only one point ahead of the bottom of the league Flyeralarm Admira.

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Rapid Rise in Ten Days: In the beginning, Harv is a Qatarinir, now he is the Interim Technical Director

“We wanted to continue down the road with Miron Muslic. But we respect his decision that this is not possible for him in the current constellation. We wish him all the best in his future career,” SVR Managing Director Rainer Wöllinger and SVR Sports Coordinator Wolfgang Fiala confirmed on the broadcast.

It is possible that Harraf will not take over the task only on an ad hoc basis

After the second change of coach of the season, Herav must save Invertel from relegation. According to the club, the 53-year-old has been temporarily appointed, but it can be assumed that if he succeeds, he will have the opportunity to lead the team for a longer period of time. The castling was by no means a surprise. Harv was only installed as the new coach on March 15th. At the time, every official hoped the ban under Muslic would finally be ended in the final round of the primary round.

But on Sunday, it was a 1: 2 defeat to the tenth SCR Altach, which resulted in only three points in ten matches (1: 1 in Hartburg, against St. Pölten and 0: 0 against Admira’s bottom) and scored four goals with 18 goals against.

The first coach at Reed

Herav was already serving as an assistant under Baumgartner at Reed from July 2019 to July 2020 and is now transferring to First Class at Innviertel for the first time. After playing football, Vienna has spent most of his career so far in the Austrian Football Association (Austrian Football Association) as coach of several junior teams. As a club, he has gained experience as head coach in Austria Lustenau, Schwanenstadt, Baching, Barndorf and CAF (from December 2018 to May 2019).

The commitment to Team Floridsdorfers came after nearly a year of working in New Zealand (as coach and captain of a women’s team), which ended after “differences of opinion” (Heraf). Rieder’s training change had already become evident on the Thursday prior to the official announcement, as Muslic was not present at the scheduled test matches. Ryder split from Amstetten without goals, defeating Horne only 3-2.

Fourth rogue coach in the Bundesliga season

In the German Bundesliga, he was the fourth rogue coach of the season. In Altach, returnees followed recently Damir Kennedy, Alex Pastor, at Admira the Damir Buric, who had already worked south of town in the past, followed by the sudden resignation of Zvonimir Soldo (and his interim coach Patrick Helms) in September 2020. Reed has now repositioned himself for the time. Second, the three worst teams have currently responded (multiple times) in terms of personnel.

Reid (8 points) is slightly ahead of Admira (7) after dividing the points before the start of the 10-game group, but has Altach (10), St. Pölten (10), Austria (12) and Hartberg. (14) On the horizon. First opponent in Hartburg after the international stop on April 3.

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