L'Espace Mayenne est quasiment fini. Il accueillera Julien Clerc le 3 avril 2022

Building continuous programming

Julian Clerc, James, and Veronique Decker… all of these artists will perform at the Espace Mayenne Theater Next September. Because the site of the sports and cultural complex is at the end. There are only the final touches to be done. But actually the Mayen Department and the site management are on the programming “site”. Especially difficult task with the current context and the epidemic. The Large room for 4,500 peopleAnd thus obtaining big names in French song and culture. Espace Mayenne can also organize sporting events such as Boxing, volleyball or basketball.

It’s not easy to create a calendar with all of these possibilities. We want this place to be lively, with a lot of sporting and cultural events.Explains Eric Dussollier, Director of Espace Main. “We did research for sounds over a year and a half ago, and the producers are also asking us, We have to find the happy medium.”, The latter adds. These programs inevitably lack clarity, despite government announcements, and Decoding culture on May 19.

Party test from June

The head of the department, Olivier Richevo announced, that Espace Mayen was working on it Organize a test party, From June to measure the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, like other cities in France. It will definitely be a few weeks before the Tour de France scheduled for June 30th between Changé and Laval, with access to the Espace Mayenne car park. “At the moment, our first deadline is June 30th, but we hope to organize other things before this date.”, Identifies the head of the department, Olivier Richevo.

Mayenians would also have potential Visit the complex from May 19. The department will hold free registrations for a visit to the Maxim Sorel boat to discover the sports and cultural complex. But before you visit the site in person, you can now, thanks to France Bleu Mayenne, dive into the alleys of Espace Mayenne.. —— >>>

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