Bruno Le Maire tested artificial intelligence to write a speech on China

Bruno Le Maire tested artificial intelligence to write a speech on China

chat Even the Minister of Economy is fascinated. And if we believe Bruno the mayorartificial intelligence created by Open AI Political speeches can even be written. asked before C media on France 5 This Sunday, the Minister of Economy admitted that he tested ChatGPT to write a speech about China.

“I auditioned, it’s very nice,” he explained. “I was a speechwriter and I wrote letters Dominique de Villepin And Jacques Chirac for years. And so, I tested, I looked: give me a letter on China to Xi Jinping In 2023 and I gave a very smart, well-structured speech in exactly five minutes that twenty years ago it would have taken me three or four hours to give that speech.” He concluded on the importance of thinking about the ethics of these technologies. “I think we should moderate,” he insisted.

Google’s potential competitor

ChatGPT appeared in November and users quickly captured it He was impressed by his ability to clearly answer difficult questionsOr write sonnets or computer code. Funded by a giant IT company Microsoftwhich it has added to many of its services, it is sometimes presented as a potential search engine competitor Google.

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