Broadcast from France – New Zealand, free Wazoo concert and giant ball: discover the great evening for Saugues rugby players

Broadcast from France – New Zealand, free Wazoo concert and giant ball: discover the great evening for Saugues rugby players

The World Cup will officially kick off on Friday 8 September, at 9pm, with the opening match between the French XV and New Zealand at the Stade de France in Paris. Away from Paris, in Saugues, the world championship spirit will be there, that’s for sure! Gevaudan Oval, a local rugby club, saw the big picture by broadcasting the match on a giant screen, followed by the Wazoo group’s concert in the highly anticipated third half! The club revealed the outlines of its celebration on Monday at the Bordeaux factory.

The rugby players in Givaudan decided to create a giant rugby ball to commemorate the event. In five months, about a hundred volunteers made this totem and prepared this great celebration. Former president Stephane Merle initiated the project before passing the baton to Guillaume Chateauneuf who took over the project. Noel Eimard and Remy Vago worked on their farm, welding the frame of a 4-metre-high rugby ball, while Frank Chasivière focused on making poles. The hull was filled with expanding foam. Everything was sanded, sanded and varnished before being covered in 10 liters of resin and then Amy Gillard commissioned to create the decorations. Gilbert branding finds its place on the chassis alongside local references such as “Size 43” in reference to the Haute Loire department and the local rugby club logo.

This massive totem will be inaugurated on Friday 8 September, at 5:30pm, at the Saugues Sports Complex to launch the evening before kick-off of the opening World Cup match, which will be projected onto a 7 square meter screen. “After that, we invite all of France to a two-hour concert with the band Wazoo.” Refreshment bars and sandwich stalls will be open throughout the evening. The challenge facing the Oval Club in Gévaudan is to succeed in covering its organizational costs, which are close to half of its annual budget.

Celine Demars


Meet at Saugues Sports Complex.
At 5:30 pm, the giant balloon is launched. Broadcast on the big screen of the France-New Zealand match (9 pm)
11pm free big concert with Wazoo.
Refreshments and snacks on site.

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