British commandos carried out 'covert operations'

British commandos carried out ‘covert operations’

Robert Magowan, former Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Marines, admitted for the first time that Special Forces were involved in missions of “high level of political and military risk”.

British commandos carried outseparate operations” in “very sensitive environmentRobert Magowan, former Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Marines In the Globe and LaurelOfficial Gazette Marines as such Lift him up times . This is the first time that a soldier admits British participation in special operations, including “High level of political and military risks“. Ministry of Defense I might assume, however Her Majesty’s 30 Commandos have been deployed to protect the Embassy.

About 350 marines from “45 Commandos“, a regiment specialized in warfare in the Arctic environment, left for training in Norway last January”in a very short timeRobert Magowan calls to evacuate the embassy to Poland. According to the military, they returned there in April.To restore the diplomatic mission, and ensure the protection of essential personnel.”During both phases, the Commandos supported other covert operations in a highly sensitive environment and a high level of political and military risk.“, he added.

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The Royal MarinesIn addition to conducting special operations,He was heavily involved in training hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers all this summer.”We also plan to train Marines UkrainiansRobert Magowan continued. British special forces were sent in 2015 to train the Ukrainian army. They had withdrawn in February to avoid confrontation with the Russian army.

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