Britain's defense minister says: "The Russian invasion started to fail in many areas."

Britain’s defense minister says: “The Russian invasion started to fail in many areas.”

Britain’s defense minister says ‘Russian invasion has begun to fail’

According to British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, the Russian invasion is weakening and “It starts to fail in many areas.”

“They have failed so far and may never succeed in occupying Ukraine”Ben Wallace announced, Thursday, August 11, with reporters.

The press conference by the defense ministers of the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ukraine followed an international donors’ conference during which 26 countries announced an additional 1.5 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine.

“President Putin is betting that in August (…) we will all be tired of conflict (…). Well, we prove otherwise today “as Ben Wallace said.

The exact amounts of donations from all countries, including France, Germany and the United States, have not been announced, but Denmark has announced an additional envelope of $114 million, bringing it to nearly $417 million in its effort since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Great Britain, which hosted the meeting with its Scandinavian ally and Ukraine, pledged 300 million euros.

“Our partners know we need the funds and are ready to support us financially”They welcomed the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksich Reznikov.

The donor group is due to meet again in mid-September.

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