Bright Memory Infinite: Quality Assurance, Ray Tracing Modes, and Performance (120 fps) |  Xbox One

Bright Memory Infinite: Quality Assurance, Ray Tracing Modes, and Performance (120 fps) | Xbox One

Bright Memory Infinite It promises you an intense viewing experience. since then Advertising In May 2020, the title continued to highlight the quality of the cartoons. after the news Show In the video during the Future Games Show 2022, the developer confirmed the graphic modes that we will be eligible for in the game.

Fully optimized title for Xbox Series X | S.

Bright Memory Infinite It is the brainchild of one individual: Zeng Xiancheng, a Chinese developer who founded his own studio, FYQD. The latter set out to provide a visually rich experience, while giving prominence to influences of all kinds. game regularly highlighted Inside the Xbox’s communications department, that’s where the technology appears to be elaborate. With the title called “Optimized for Xbox Series X | S,” we can expect a true next-gen experience on consoles upon release.

And for good reason, FYQD Studios responded immediately, after identification From the latest trailer at Future Games Show 2022, and confirmed the range of graphics features that can be selected in the game. If the Nintendo Switch Edition is going to take advantage of gyroscopic controls and PlayStation 5 Dual Controller Sense features, the Xbox Series X | S will not outperform the visual side and will provide:

  • Quality mode up to 4K/60fps
  • Ray tracing mode up to 60fps
  • Performance mode up to 120fps
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If we know the visible definition only partially, we can assume that it will be close to it Bright Memorya kind of paid technical offers as an appetizer for Bright Memory Infinite. The latter’s definition ranged from 2K on Xbox Series S to 4K on Xbox Series X, all at 60 frames per second. A final answer when the game is released, which the developer invokes with the simple word “soon”.

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