RESUME VIDEO. L'exploit de l'Irlande qui fait tomber la Nouvelle-Zélande après un match épique

Brief video. The Irish feat that brought down New Zealand after an epic match

2016, 2018, and now 2021. This SaturdayIreland He beat New Zealand for the third time in their history. A new success in Dublin for the XV of Clover after three years which comes after a tough match. Lowe’s first entry Experience of a quarter of an hour. Then Keeler and Doris led the tag after Lemon. The all black He could have won that game regardless, but the Sexton pals dominated from start to finish. Very aggressive in rows, strong in conquest, they left only a few balls for New Zealand to exploit. On the thirty-eighth, the latter had already achieved close to 150 Treat When the Irish were barely 40. As we know, the Kiwis don’t need much to score and they proved it again on Saturday at Aviva with this attempt by Jordan on one of the only ball used in the second quarter. Initially, it was Taylor who spun into the Promised Land in a two-pass motion after touchdown. But they were clumsy and lacking in creativity to take on the Irish in their defensive position. But also on the offensive. Barrett’s concussion exit may have derailed All Blacks’ plans. His replacement Mo’unga did not have the expected effect, as did the entire New Zealand bench. So we can expect to see Foster’s men cheering next week at the Stade de France against the blues. It is best to take inspiration from the Irish to achieve the success that has eluded them since 2000 on the land of tricolor.

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