Brassey between Toulouse and the French stadium

Brassey between Toulouse and the French stadium

The Pierre-Louis Brassy International Center, at the end of his contract in Lyon, is of interest to the Stade Toulouse as well as the French stadium for the 2022-2023 season.

Pierre-Louis Brassy is a gentleman. The international center (22, 3 caps, most recently against Australia on July 17 as the defending champion) will be free next summer. Having worn the Lyon colors since 2016 after arriving from Narbonne, Brassie is now on a complete reversal. It is no secret that the Toulousin stadionist has been interested in his profile for a while.

In search of boosts for upcoming seasons due to the expiration of the contract, and perhaps more after the early departure of South Africans Chaseline Colby in Toulon on Friday, club Ville Rose stepped in with this file. The player is not immune from this possibility due to sporting and personal reasons. But the French and European champions are not the only club to advance.

LOU leaders prepare to see him go

Stade Français, who scored New Zealand international Njani Laumab (28, 15 caps) this summer, also wants to recruit him according to information from RMC Sport. An appointment will also be scheduled in the coming days. For the Parisian club, if the affair were to come to an end, it would be another nice blow, on top of JIFF, in the center position.

Moreover, in Lyon, we hardly have any illusions about Brassy’s future. If the person elected in the 2018-2019 season top 14 intends to help his club shine this year after a disappointing ninth-place finish, he will already pack his bags in a few months unless that is highly unlikely. turn around. LOU leaders are already preparing to see him leave next.

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