Both New Zealand and Italy win one round

Both New Zealand and Italy win one round

sYou don’t give yourself anything. Even after the second day of the Copa America is still a draw. As on the first day of the race, both Italians and New Zealanders won a tour on Friday. So after four races, it’s two or two – whoever wins seven races first wins the 36th America’s Cup. The advantage now is the kiwi: They made a big comeback on Friday afternoon.

Christoph Heine

Business reporter for South Asia / Pacific based in Singapore.

If the Italians finish the first day of the race with a win and continue their winning streak in the first race on Friday, the New Zealanders will retaliate in the second race on Friday afternoon before Auckland. The serious debate between the two races was followed by an impressive 700-meter victory over Luna Rossa. After a foul by Luna Rossa, the Kiwi already had its biggest lead yet during this regatta in the last obsessed buoy by 63 seconds.

“Bad luck after a good day,” said Italian captain Jimmy Spethel, summarizing the two races in the second race after losing the second round. In both races on Friday, the first round after the start was decisive: in the first race, the New Zealanders around the helmsman Peter Burling had no chance, and in the second, they secured their superiority over Spithill and his Italian team. Then Luna Rossa as well as T. Riotai safely brought their races across the line.

The first cross in each case did not lack any drama: in the first stroke of the first race, the New Zealanders drove the Italians a few meters, reaching the left side of the virtual boat racing circuit, and thus the right to turn. Italians should also kill her. In fact, the Kiwi should now expand their leadership position.

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