Bose Frames Soprano review: Acoustic glasses for more listening

Bose Frames Soprano review: Acoustic glasses for more listening

The note may seem obvious, but let’s make a similar entry point: Because of the very special nature of audio glasses, we measure the listening experience provided by taking into account the specificity of that product. Of course, you should not expect the same experience as with a traditional mobile headset, or even with a bone conduction headset, although we are not very far from the usual result of the latter….

The Bose Frames Soprano clearly doesn’t impress with its sound reproduction. Despite the relative good sound balance and, in any case, a certain harmonization in the retrieving, you should obviously not expect to be in a position to appreciate your music. The sound signature is designed above all for the reproduction of sounds and in general for audio content (radio broadcasts, podcasts, etc.), with a certain respect for their guaranteed timbre and clarity.

Beyond this exercise, the Frames Soprano was soon found wanting, firstly by the stark absence of bass / treble, which gives a somewhat narrow rather than immersive sound, which is moreover in the complete absence of sound isolation (which is certainly the best sounding objective). which this type of product is sought after). As a result, we find ourselves almost forced to crank up the volume to try and get as much information as possible, at the risk of starting to tickle your neighbors in the office or neighbors in transit, and the aggressive steering of the speakers has its limits. ..

Not to improve anything, the fidelity level is very average, not to mention bad when the content gets a little too source-rich to reproduce. Double effect of a great kiss, the power is very limited and the signal dynamics get crushed more and more the more one cranks up the volume, with the added benefit of ugly pumping effects.

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From the strict point of view of raw sound performance (listening comfort and wearing experience are two separate points), so it’s hard to see what would lead to choosing this model of glasses over a bone conduction headset. Even given the compact size of the speakers built into the arms of the glasses, we expected at least a more generous extension in the bass, which the Frames Soprano just can’t provide. A result that’s even more disappointing when you learn that their sisters, The Frames Tempo, manage to do it so efficiently…to be reserved for the occasional extra listen, and above all for audio content.

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