Boris Johnson clings to Downing Street despite dozens of government resignations

Boris Johnson clings to Downing Street despite dozens of government resignations

He may have lost the confidence of a large part of his parliamentary group, and cashed in less than twenty-four hours the resignations of nearly fifty ministers, ministers and parliamentary assistants – an absolute record for a British leader -, Boris Johnson strongly refused to leave Downing Street on the morning of Thursday 7 Julyto be told by relatives that it was “combat” And he will resist ” to the end ” calls for resignation. Even if it means plunging the Conservative Party into a deep crisis and leaving the UK with a bloodless government, surrounded by rebels and unable to act.

“I have so far resisted the comparisons between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, tonight” Tweet, Wednesday evening, July 6, Andrew Neal, legend of the British political pressSummarization A sense of disbelief in the national media over the prime minister’s refusal to conform to the customs of British democracy, despite a delegation of believers – including Priti Patel, Home Secretary He offered him an honorable exit in the afternoon, telling him that his time had come.

Tuesday 5 July The nearly simultaneous resignations of Treasurer Rishi Sunak, and Health Minister Sajid JavidHowever, he seemed to have sealed the fate of Boris Johnson. These two government officials considered the cup full after the Partigate – celebrations in Downing Street in full confinement – with the revelation of another scandal: the resignation of Conservative MP Chris Pincher, on June 30, after he made unwanted advances to two of his male colleagues. Boris Johnson, who promoted Chris Pincher in February – the latter was in charge of the Conservative group’s voting system – let’s first know he wasn’t aware of these behavioral issues, before admitting he was in the moment, once. Shows again bad faith.

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“I have a plan”

Westminster Parliament has had many crazy days since the arrival of this leader in Downing Street in the summer of 2019, known for his contempt for convention and his problematic relationship with the truth. But this Wednesday surpassed all others in dramatic intensity, in chaos, surprise or simply pathetic moments.

The “Questions to the Prime Minister” session scheduled for noon, as every Wednesday, showed the full extent of the disavowal regarding Boris Johnson, and elected officials from his camp no longer held back their blows. “Isn’t there then something to cause you to resign?” » He asks, unbelievably, about the election of Tori Tim Lawton.

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