Boris Johnson briefly summoned to the House of Commons

Boris Johnson briefly summoned to the House of Commons

International – The traditional interrogation sessions of the government in Great Britain They have nothing to envy, sometimes agitated, in France. This Wednesday, November 17, during an eventful session, Boris Johnson Personally captured by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

“You may be the prime minister of this country, but I am in charge of this council,” Lindsey Hoyle solemnly reminded. This sequence is like the rest of the session. After two weeks of controversy over a pressure group scandal that sparked accusations of corruption against his camp, the British prime minister had a bad time in Parliament on Wednesday.

accused of cowardice

Boris Johnson, who has been weak in the polls, had proposed the day before this hearing to reform the Parliamentary Code of Conduct to prevent MPs from getting paid as political advisers or lobbyists. He also wants any parallel activity carried out by a representative so that it does not conflict with his parliamentary duties. Hoping to cut the grass under the opposition’s feet, the Prime Minister posted Suggest it on Twitter Just as Labor leader Keir Starmer has been talking about the matter, challenging Boris Johnson to order an “independent investigation” if he really wants to “eradicate corruption”.

In the face of opposition calling him a “coward”, Boris Johnson admitted he had made a “mistake” in wanting to “merging an individual case” with the government’s desire to change MPs’ disciplinary rules. At the root of the issue: a parliamentary inquiry concluded that Governor-elect Owen Patterson repeatedly pressured members of government to defend two companies for which he worked as a paid consultant. Boris Johnson had flown in early November to help that MP – who has since resigned – causing a political storm.

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However, he responded that the UK was “one of the cleanest democracies in the world”. He said: “These ongoing attacks on levels of corruption and nepotism in the UK are doing great harm to the billions of people around the world who truly suffer from corrupt governments.”

“When someone in my party behaves badly, I rule him out. When someone in his party behaves badly, he tries to get him out of the situation,” Labour’s leader Keir Starmer, for his part, denounced, demanding an apology.

request to explain

Boris Johnson himself faces controversy over luxury vacations abroad, the costly renovation of his official apartment or the dangerous relations between his government and the business community, particularly in awarding contracts to private companies in the context of the pandemic.

A week after the relationship began, he found himself having to explain himself about it at a press conference at Cop26 in Glasgow, to the point of having to declare that the UK was not a “corrupt country”.

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