Boris Johnson apologizes to Parliament ‘unreservedly’

Boris Johnson apologizes to Parliament ‘unreservedly’

During his statement to the House of Commons, the prime minister apologized for attending a Downing Street party in full confinement.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized on Tuesday, April 19.without reservationIn front of MPs after he was fined for breaching anti-Covid restrictions in June 2020, without convincing the opposition, which again demanded his resignation.

Boris Johnson claimed he didn’t.It didn’t even come to mind after that‘, that his participation in a short walk for his birthday in June 2020 in Downing Street.It could be a violation of the rulesThen it takes effect. “It was my fault and I sincerely apologize.“.

It happened less than ten minutes

Boris Johnson is the first incumbent British Prime Minister to be punished for breaking the law and to face additional fines as part of the investigation into “”party gate“, the name of the scandal of the organized parties in the circles of power during the confinement operations established against the epidemic.

The Conservative Party leader was addressing MPs for the first time since he had to pay a £50 (€60) fine a week ago for participating in a surprise birthday party marking his 56th birthday on June 19, 2020.less than 10 minutes”, according to him, who also got to punish his wife Carrie and his Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

Respect the conclusions of the ongoing police investigation.Prime Minister added. However, he tried to downplay the scandal that angered the British on Tuesday by skipping a few minutes later over the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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second wind

I know a lot of people are angry and disappointed and feel a greater obligation to respect British priorities and respond to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s barbaric attack on Ukraine.“Time on the ejection seat”pogoIt got a second wind by highlighting its role on the front line of Western sanctions against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. Many MPs who have asked for his departure now consider it inappropriate to chase him out of Downing Street in this context.

“Lots of negative comments from people who previously liked it, but changed their minds.”

Aslam James Johnson

However, opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer said on Tuesday that the Conservative Party leader was “…Dishonest and incapable of change». Boris Johnson isshameless man»And He claimed, urging conservatives to get rid of their leader to restore “Decency, honesty and integrityof British politics. The prime minister has also come under heavy criticism from within his camp, with Conservative MP Mark Harper saying he is no longer “valuableto be prime minister.

It seems that the series is not over yet. London police, who have already issued 50 fines, are continuing their investigations and British MPs will debate on Thursday whether Boris Johnson intentionally misled Parliament – synonymous with resignation under the ministerial code of conduct – by repeatedly respecting all rules.


The prime minister will also have to deal, at a date still unknown, with the conclusions of senior civil servant Sue Gray, who had previously been squashed in a preliminary report of “Mistakes in leadership and judgmentHe must also face the verdict of the polls in the local elections on May 5. According to the press, Boris Johnson is risking new fines, for at least five more festive occasions.

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Downing Street insisted on his denial after new details emerged in the Sunday Times, describing him as serving drinks and giving a speech to mark the departure of its communications chief on November 13, 2020. According to research published on Monday, 72% of respondents said so. A negative evaluation of the Prime Minister, the term that often comes up is “liar“.

The anger has not subsided»And Survey writer James Johnson, who conducted the study, tweeted. “Lots of negative reviews from people who liked it earlier, but changed their mind“.

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