Boeing reorganizes its Defense, Space and Security division

Boeing reorganizes its Defense, Space and Security division

Written by Carlos Pearce,

the society Boeing Announces a series of senior management changes and reorganization aimed at Accelerate operational discipline, quality, and initial performance while streamlining senior management roles and responsibilities .

from now on, Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) will unite its eight departments into four, incl Space systems, intelligence and weapons led by vice president and general manager Kay Sears, which will include programs for space exploration and launch, satellites, munitions, missiles, weapons systems deterrents, submarines, Phantom Works Space and its subsidiaries (BI&A, Millennium, Insitu, Liquid Robotics, and Spectrolab, Argon and DRT).

By February 4, 2023, Jim Shelton, Senior Vice President, Space & Launches, will continue to manage Space Exploration, Launch Programs, Satellites, and Phantom Works Space. On February 5, 2023, Chilton will become a senior advisor to Ted Colbert, President and CEO of BDS, with a focus on future space projects.

These changes are supported by the integration of manufacturing, safety and total quality, supply chain and program management and the appointment of Steve Parker as Chief Operating Officer of BDS.

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