Blumenfelt, Norway's gold medalist.  Great Britain second and New Zealand third

Blumenfelt, Norway’s gold medalist. Great Britain second and New Zealand third

Tokyo 2020, men’s triathlon: Blumenfleet, Norway gold. Great Britain second and New Zealand third

The men’s triathlon in London 2012 – Department of Culture, Media and Sport photo CC BY 2.0

One of the toughest drills in the entire Olympic scene occurred in the early hours of the night between Sunday 25 and Monday 26 July: It’s the triathlon. The men competed in the 1500m swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running. The winner is the gold medal Norwegian Christian Blumenfelt With a time of 1:45.04. precede Britain’s Alex Yee (1:45.15) and New Zealand Hayden Wild (1:45.24). The three created a void in terms of competing in a race that worked so hard: so it also made athletes fall to the ground, vomit, and sway. Blumenfelt himself, having vomited several times, was taken to a wheelchair. Among the competition there were also two Italians, Gianluca Pozzatin another meaning Dillian Stiftiv: The former finished in 37th place (1:49.14), while Stateff crossed the 39th streak (1:50.00).

Tokyo 2020, triathlon: competition program

Tokyo 2020, Triathlon: Regulation

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