Blue Origin, the first soon-to-be space tourist?

If Elon Musk is making big strides with his company Space x, Founder of the giant AmazonAnd the Jeff Bezos He was not left with his project Blue origin Whose last test was successful yesterday. In fact, with this new success, Jeff Bezos’s “Blue Origin” space company claims to be able to send the first tourists into space very soon.

No Blue Origin capsule do New Shepherd

From 170,000 to 250,000 euros in a 10-minute flight!

Do you want a small space trip? Well the piglet broke now because you will have to pay a sum included Between 170,000 and 250,000 euros To take advantage of a seat on future tourist trips. Blue origin«.

After the success of the fifteenth and final test flight of his missile New Shepherd Yesterday, the space company Jeff Bezos Blue Origin appears to be ready to send passengers into space as early as April 2021.

So what exactly is this short saga ? Operators who have pushed and pushed will take off in a capsule that will transport them to an altitude of 100 km. They would spend a few minutes in zero gravity before returning to Earth. The capsule is equipped with six seats, and is equipped with very large windows that allow you to contemplate land and space.

So the next flight will be manned and contrary to what one might think, it is clear that this transportation system will not provide space travel but ascending flights of up to a hundred kilometers in order to cross The Karman line, Which defines the boundaries between Earth’s atmosphere and space (arbitrarily set at an altitude of 100 kilometers).

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If News Shepard was able to fly nearly 120 kilometers in altitude, and during its last flight it had reached 109 kilometers, then the capsule could not soar higher without risking severe thermal and aerodynamic restrictions while returning to Earth. In addition, the capsule has a maximum speed of just over 3,600 kilometers per hour, and it remains far from the speed required for possible rotation and thus flight in space.

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