Blizzard summarizes what players can expect with Diablo Immortal – Diablo Immortal

In a video posted a few moments ago, Rod Ferguson welcomed the players Immortal Diablo It summarizes what players can expect from the title. You can find it below.

  • Diablo Immortal is the most ambitious title in the franchise.
  • The story revolves between Diablo II And the Diablo III.
  • You play in 6 different classes, such as barbarian or necromancer.
  • The main story spans through 8 regions. You help Cain face Skarn and find parts of the Stone-World.
  • You can play alone or in a group to defeat bosses, participate in 8v8 battlefields, and climb the server ranks to become immortal.
  • Whether you are a veteran or new player, Immortal Diablo It must meet your expectations.
  • Blizzard will release new content regularly over the coming years. New regions, new dungeons, new classes and more, all for free.
  • The game is Cross-Play and Cross-Progression on PC. You can play on mobile and PC freely.
  • Rod Ferguson thanks the players for the support during the development of the title. Community feedback during articles and play tests helped shape the game a lot, including the decision to release it on PC.
  • Immortal Diablo It is just one of the Diablo titles available. Diablo II: Resurrection And the Diablo III It has recently received new additions as well. Next to Diablo IVMore info soon.

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