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Blizzard shared more details regarding Monitor 2 During a live broadcast that ended a few moments ago. Among the topics discussed are the transition to Free To Play, PvP, Seasons, PvE and the next stage of the Closed Beta and Queen of Junkers. Find all the most important information below!

Free to play

  • Monitor 2 arrive in October 4 as much as Free game to play.
  • Blizzard wants players to enjoy the game for it Next years they were Always something to do.
  • In recent years, developers have not provided enough content for players, which they will not provide This is no longer the case.
  • New content is coming every 9 weeks with the seasons.
  • The first season starts in October 4 with Three new heroes (Sojourn, Queen of Junkers and Support), Six new cardsThe Payment modeFrom New cosmetics It can be accessed via the Store and Battle Pass, and WEEKLY CHALLENGES.
  • The second season will start in December 6 More content will come Throughout 2023.
  • it’s also in 2023 that player vs environment to reach.
  • His F2P model Many advantages. Note and watch It is a social game and business model change easy entry on the address. Universe Note and watch place for all players.


  • PvP is the center of the experienceNote and watch. for Monitor 2was the situation Fully revised.
  • The game goes from 6 vs 6 to 5 against 5balance exchangeAnd the identity of the characters himselfbut this new angle.
  • Lots of changes Also for maps, such as entering day periods.
  • Blizzard made improvements the following comments During the beta version it will also do so with this version.
  • The painting is the result . has been addedgame history reviewed, ranking system he is too.
  • Payment mode is file new fashion that happens in new maps.
  • to Many improvements Made on the engineNote and watch. the scientist more immersive.
  • On the audio side, the team also reviewed All effectsAnd the Note and watch Support now New features. There are some of new topics Among the heroes and this is not so Just the beginning.
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  • New content is coming Often. Heroes and cards alternately every season.
  • Players will know what’s going on advance.
  • vanishement Loot chests. Battle Pass and Shop System will be presented So that the players have More control on their purchases.
  • Props and tank introduced In the early seasons.
  • There will be characters that have an extension deja vuas well as others Totally new.
  • There are many sides Science Fiction on the new maps.
  • Rio receipt. map located to Portugal Also, in the situation Pay.
  • There are some of New rewardssubordinate attractionssubordinate Banners. there Legendary appearancesAnd the Customizablewhich will be added across seasons.
  • The game will have Always something newat the same time In PvP and PvE.

player vs environment

  • player vs environment deepen the story FromNote and watch More will come in 2023 Via game service.
  • It will be for some seasons PvE MapsWhere you will encounter the zero sector.
  • The story tells the meeting ChampionsNote and watchAnd the assets of some heroes.

closed beta

  • Beta will be available On PC and console. This adds Rioa Hybrid cardand the Queen of Yonkers.

Queen of Yonkers

  • Players are waiting for the Queen of Junkers a long time ago.
  • They have jackal and chopper It was excluded From Junktertown, the Queen of Junkers is behind this decision.
  • this aggressive tank. She is armed from the axthis is used in Many of his abilities.
  • You have spinning attack with a sword like alternative fire. this back to you After your throw.
  • With Rampage, you rush towards enemies in a devastating attack. Hit the heroes can not It is no longer taken care of.
  • you did not not always She was the queen of the city. his story so interesting.
  • Monitor 2 will make progress world history.
  • she has Always developed With 5v5 in mind. She has something to shout about speed boostSeveral weapons What do you throw at your opponents?. she Very dangerous at close range.
  • His short film revolves around his story Before you become a queen.
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