Blizzard explains Overwatch 2 launch failed due to DDoS attacks - GameSpot

Blizzard explains Overwatch 2 launch failed due to DDoS attacks – GameSpot

One would think, in front of the endless queues at the entrance to the servers that could have taken several tens of minutes, audiences rushed into the Overwatch sequel, which permanently shut down its own servers to make way for its successor. Attendance numbers are probably excellent, but the general public will remember as of the evening of October 4 that a failed launch was marred by connectivity issues.

A large number of players may have encountered messages like “Unexpected Server Error”, unexpected outages in the middle of the game, or just items, cosmetics, and rewards that did not appear in their deck. Especially during phase sign in Problems arise, most players try to enter their information at the same time. Remember that the game free to playWhich may explain the large number of connections.

It was anyway the first track to explaining all of these concerns, after Blizzard Entertainment president Mike Ybarra cracked the first tweet.

“Our teams are working to address server issues with Overwatch 2. We are pleased to see players’ enthusiasm for the title and will continue to work through these issues to ensure they have as much fun as possible. Playing. Thank you for your patience.”

Later in the evening, he had to face the facts: the server problems were not due to the popularity of the address alone, but due to DDoS attacks from malicious Internet users.

“We are unfortunately victims of a massive DDoS attack on our servers. Our teams are working hard to minimize the consequences. This explains many of the connection and disconnection issues right now.”

This morning, Monitor 2 It’s still the most watched game on Twitch, with 127,000 viewers as of this writing.

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