Blank screens are preventing Phoenix fans from seeing the season’s first goal

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Phoenix playing at home matches in the A-League 2021 via Tasman in Wollongong, soccer fans to watch it on TV had to miss their first goal this season.

On the first-half strike midfielder Mirza Muratovic, who had joined Phoenix from Brisbane Roar, equalized the score 1-1 in what was described as a “fantastic goal”.

Phoenix player Mirza Muratovic celebrates scoring the goal that may not be seen.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Phoenix player Mirza Muratovic celebrates scoring the goal that may not be seen.

The problem was the only people who saw it were at the WIN Stadium. The live-cover TV screens have gone black like a referee’s shirt.

Not only was the goal not to be captured live, it was clearly not captured at all with any camera, although the shots eventually came to light 17 minutes into the second half.

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In the first half, it was left to former Australia goalkeeper Mark Bosnic to tell the Faceless Fever fans how it happened. And he did a great job.

It looks like Phoenix sped off and found the ball on its way to Moratovic and then “it was a great shot, it didn’t shoot very quickly”.

One can only guess that former goalkeepers hate describing goals.

It all adds up to the best goal you’ll never see in the Premier League that we were told, before it gets dark.

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Sydney won the match 2–1.

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