Blagnac.  Medialudo: The workspace is open

Blagnac. Medialudo: The workspace is open

At the end of the children’s reading room is a small room for the youngest. It has been converted into a study room. Médialudo has always provided middle and high schools and students with a secluded and quiet workspace, equipped with all necessary outlets, in order to allow them to work or make their deadlines. This very popular little room was closed during the pandemic because it no longer conformed to established sanitary standards. The new space, bright and quiet, fully met these restrictions and was quickly put to use.

A young woman has some documents and her little kit. “I am a fifth year MA student and I am preparing for the school teacher recruitment competition, she explains. After the writings, I qualified and am now taking the oral exams. There I am doing my second review on EPS. I passed through Blagnac for the weekend, I needed to review and looked to the whereabouts of the libraries. I came, saw this table and settled down.” In peace because, in spite of the few places available, no other place was occupied.

To reserve a pre-registration, by phone, e-mail or on site at reception for a maximum period of two hours (renewable according to the number of people). Wearing a mask is mandatory, cleaning hands before installation, and regular cleaning of furniture, table and chair before departure.

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