Bizier: Relén, a new exhibition space supported by Les Écluses de l’Art

Bizier: Relén, a new exhibition space supported by Les Écluses de l’Art

Since 2015, the association Biterroise Les Écluses de l’art has been promoting contemporary art and organizing numerous artistic events. In a few days, it will also take advantage of a new exhibition venue, meeting on May 27 to discover the first commentary dedicated to photographer Roman Terry.

Supporting creativity and holding artistic events, Les Écluses de l’art promotes contemporary art in all its forms. In May, it will open a brand new display space called Relin.

Contemporary art in all its forms

Relén, an art research laboratory, gallery and artists’ studio, will be a space entirely devoted to contemporary art. The audience will be able to discover the different disciplines there: from sculpture to painting, including photography, video and installations as well as digital art.

Relén will also be the new office for Les Écluses de l’art, where the team will manage the artists’ residencies. In 2021, Dominic Renson, Corinne Teishaw, Alexander Gilbert and Magali Sir will be welcomed.

Exhibitions until the end of the year

A new exhibition space in Beziers, Raylene will present many events during 2021. From 27 May, the public will have access to this new space and discover the first artist on display: Roman Thierry. The photographer, whose studio is located in BizNas, will present the series Requiem for the Piano Until June 27.

After that, Raylene will also welcome Jehan Khalif (July 23 to August 28), Dominic Rinson (September 11 to October 10), and Jean-Marc Lamblue (October 23 to November 28).

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