Biwo-rk, a floating co-working space that boosts productivity

Biwo-rk, a floating co-working space that boosts productivity

Opposite the T2 Musée de Sèvres tram stop, on a barge, Biwo-rk offers an atypical, innovative and stimulating space for co-working and corporate events.

Biwo-rk, a stimulating and productive co-working space on the Seine

On board a barge, opposite the T2 Musée de Sèvres tram stop, the co-working and events space fuses culture, creativity and productivity, in an atypical and highly stimulating environment.

2- A meeting room with an interactive screen

The genesis of an innovative concept: floating co-working spaces

Create PewrkNadine and Eddie, cousins ​​of West Indian origin and entrepreneurs at heart, gave life to a bold vision, born out of a simple need: pooling their professional activities under one roof. On this barge, on the Seine, they chose to settle, converting part of the building into a floating collaborative space.

Pewrk The harmonious combination of “biwo”, which means office in West Indian Creole, and “work”, in English, illustrates the mix of cultures and functions in this unique space. Biwo-rk is unique in its character and provides an exceptional working environment, breaking away from traditional offices and co-working spaces, to encourage creativity and enhance productivity.

Open space

An atypical and stimulating co-working space

Located opposite the T2 tram stop Musée de Sèvres is a barge residence Pewrk, named Barbara was formerly used to transport grain. It has been converted into a workplace. With a terrace of 200 square metres, it includes different spaces adapted to modern professional needs: a private office equipped for meetings, flexible open spaces, and small lounges for breaks. This unusual setting promotes a dynamic and friendly working climate, which is especially appreciated by freelancers, project leaders and freelancers. The combination of raw and refined style creates an environment conducive to focus and exchange of ideas, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Spa equipped with jacuzzi and sauna

More than just a workspace: a place where events come alive

Biwo-rk is more than just a co-working space; It's a real ecosystem. Thanks to its flexible pricing, this space adapts to different needs and budgets. Open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm, Pewrk Meets a wide range of requirements. In addition to business facilities, the houseboat offers complementary services such as a spa with jacuzzi and sauna. These facilities contribute to achieving the perfect balance between business and luxury. The barge is also suitable for organizing professional events such as training, after-work workshops and team building moments. This exceptional and adaptable setting can also be customized for events and celebrations between individuals such as weddings, engagements and birthdays. Based on the original concept that meets real needs, Pewrk It embodies a new vision of co-working, combining business, luxury and innovation in a unique and inspiring environment.

A 200 square meter terrace for all kinds of events

Reservations can be made online at, by phone or directly on site.

2 Pont de Sèvres Street
92310 St. Cloud
Phone: 06 58 54 28 49
Email: [email protected] Biwo_rk (@biwo_rk)

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