Bison song a lesson in prehistoric times

Bison song a lesson in prehistoric times

Antonio Pérez Henares novel, Bison song, is an invitation to travel towards the first steps of humanity. Chat-Huant and Terre d’Ombre, protagonists of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals respectively, guide us in their adventures, for the survival of their species through the developments of the time, and is remarkably well-documented.

What if literature allowed us to understand better The first steps of humanity? Antonio Pérez Henares’ latest book, The Bison Song, has emerged as a first-class educational tool. The work, fictional, on its 496 pages relives the adventures of prehistoric humans, when Homo sapiens and Neanderthals still coexisted.

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Chat-Huant is an orphaned member of the Homo sapiens of the Great Cave Clan. Skillful and intelligent, he sets out on an introductory journey with the Wanderer, respected by a large number of Neanderthal clans. Thus the two partners go to the human tribes who lived in southern France and northern Spain, between present-day Bilbao and Toulouse, in an area rich in prehistoric signs.

For his part, Terre d’Ombre is a Neanderthal who quickly climbed the social ladder of his clan, becoming the leader thanks to his skill and intelligence. But he has only one obsession: to organize raids among the “dark skins”, sapiens, in order to capture their wives and increase the number of Neanderthal children. He already points out that the natural increase in his clan was greatly diminished, even impossible, due to the high infant mortality rate and the few pregnancies of Neanderthal women.

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For the sake of his novel, Antonio Pérez Henares did not hesitate to put his activity as a journalist in favor of the book. The story is highly documented, and is based on real historical and geographical facts, allowing you to better present yourself in the idea you had about life in prehistoric times. The story covers a large number of topics to better understand the early ages of humanity, such as the manufacture of new weapons, issues related to the relations between people and tribes, etc. The novel finally offers fresh insight into how Neanderthals attempted to adapt to the decline of their species, confronting sage and the dangers of wildlife at the time.

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