Bioshock 4: The location and time have been leaked!  |  Xbox One

Bioshock 4: The location and time have been leaked! | Xbox One

News begins to circulate about the next episode of the BioShock saga: after revealing a possible codename, the vertical aspect of a two-level city and the fact that it will likely be an open world, news leaks now suggest a name, place and time. Let’s not check in.

There is sky, sun, sea and …

The BioShock trilogy made an impression on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Its creator, Ken Levine, offered to explore the underwater city of Rapture in the first two episodes. The story allowed us to explore the remains of a city that was originally created to establish a utopian society in the world of steampunk. The third part, Infinite, takes us to explore the floating, isolated and semi-deserted city of Columbia, in search of a missing young woman.

The universe depicted and the characters encountered made BioShock a well-recognised trilogy, but it was put to sleep after the passing of its creative director. However, it appears that a fourth episode is already in development and may be announced soon. In a podcast called sacred symbolsAnd mentioned Featured by our colleagues from VGC, journalist Colin Moriarty reveals elements about what he thinks he knows about what we’ll call, for now, Bioschock 4:

  • Back to the Sixties: After exploring the 2000s in Infinite, the next BioShock will return to the sources that made the saga so popular.
  • A city located in Antarctica: titled Boréalis, it will be the theater of exploration for this new component, thus introducing a new and icy universe.
  • The codename for the game will be internal Parkside : We announced a logo and name, Isolation, which is preferably intended for the general public. This is how developers talk about their project.
  • Colin Moriarty has confirmed that Ken Levine will not be participating, but his next game will be published by 2K Games.
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Several job postings from studio Cloud Chamber, who is said to be in charge of development, have suggested that BioShock 4 will take place in a “new, fantasy world” and hope to “find someone who can weave powerful, character-driven stories in an open world”. our hopes? Get more official information about this ongoing project which may be as ambitious as its elders.

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