Billionaire Mohamed Eltrad Group becomes All Blacks sponsor for 6 years

Billionaire Mohamed Eltrad Group becomes All Blacks sponsor for 6 years

Billionaire building group Montpellier Unified Altrad (personal owner of MHR, Montpellier Rugby Club) for 6 years became the legendary sponsor of the All Blacks, the New Zealand national team. The cruiser range is already on display on France’s XV jerseys.

It’s official since August 27: Effective in 2022 and for a period of 6 years, the Montpellier billionaire unified cruiser’s Altrad Group will be the sponsor of the All Blacks, the legendary New Zealand national rugby team. New Zealand Federation Advertising This Friday.

All blacks and blues from the fifteenth of France

This partnership also relates to the Black Fires (Women’s Rugby Union team), the national rugby union team, Maori and the Under-20 team. International construction group Altrad, the world leader in industrial services, headquartered in Herault, is already on the XV de France shirts. This contract runs until 2023. In 2019, he also became the sponsor of the Catalan Dragons team, which plays in the English Premier League rugby league.

Shared values

In the press release published jointly by the New Zealand Football Association with the company, Montpellier Rugby Club owner Mohamed Altrad emphasized his adherence to the values ​​of the sport:

Rugby stands for the values ​​that I have championed all my life. New Zealand rugby is the embodiment of these values, both on and off the field. The cruiser and all blacks had parallel journeys, from humble domestic origins to achievement and success at the highest international level.

Mohammed Al-Trad

Since 2011, the year Mohamed Eltrad became owner, MHR (Montpellier-Hérault Rugby) has been a two-time Vice Champion of France in 2011 and 2018, also a double winner of the European Challenge (2016 and 2021).

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Wealth and misfortune

In 2021, with 3.8 billion euros, Mohamed Eltrad has a fortune of 32 in France according to classification From the magazine Global Challenges and Wealth 891 according to the magazine Forbes.

The son of a Bedouin born in the Syrian desert, an orphan to a mother rejected by his father, a brilliant student who set himself up as a model for success and integration, Mohammed Al-Tradr arrived in France in the 1960s on a scholarship. In 2020, he was an unsuccessful candidate in the municipal elections of Montpellier.

Financial success and rugby’s success have been marred by suspicions of collusion between the businessman and Bernard Laporte, president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR). In 2020, the two men were taken into police custody as part of an investigation into suspected nepotism.

survey in France

It is particularly suspected that the French rugby team president favored Montpellier by interfering with the appeals committee of the French Football Federation to reduce penalties, at the end of June 2017. The sponsorship contract for the 15th edition of France was also contacted by the Altrad group by investigators during this The sessions in which the two men came out free.

Partnership on the back of controversy

This time again, the Altrad group, which replaced American insurer AIG on the legendary All Blacks jersey, is forcibly at the center of a new controversy. The agreement actually comes 4 months after the sale of shares of the All Blacks brand to US investors in the Silver Lake Partners fund for €230 million, an option discussed in New Zealand.

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Two shirts, one sponsor for the opening of the 2023 World Cup

However, the brand image of the Hérault group has strengthened. Thus, France’s 15th All Blacks and Bleus must face each other with the same shirt sponsor during the opening match of the 2023 World Cup in France.

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