“Bigfoot” in the United States?  The pair believe they have photographed a giant ape in Colorado

“Bigfoot” in the United States? The pair believe they have photographed a giant ape in Colorado

Unusual – yet Aliens, Bigfoot » ? This American couple FB Convinced to capture it in pictures. In early October, while Shannon and Stetson were on a tourist train traveling between the cities of Durango and Silverton, Shannon and Stetson saw something moving up the mountain.

As you can see in the video above, The footage shows the hairy, bipedal creature walking before sitting. Then the couple hooks up with a legend.” Bigfoot “, or ” Sasquatch This hairy robot from Native American mythology has become a star for fans of the unknown, especially since the release of a video supposedly showing its silhouette in 1967.

For those who want to believe it, these viral photos taken in Colorado are even more proof that “ Bigfoot “It is indeed true, especially since this is not the first time this has happened “Preview” In the region. According to Bigfoot Researchers, (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization)In twenty years there will be 130 reports of the creature in Colorado, including 4 in these mountains near Silverton.

Publicity stunt or camouflaged hunter?

But in fact, next to Silverton there is a company that sells caravans called… “Sasquatch Mission Campers.” Pointed out by netizens on Reddit, The company denied involvement, but couldn’t resist posting photos of its employees wearing “hands and feet.” Bigfoot “, which makes it seem like a publicity stunt.

Also spotted USA TodayPrimatologist Mireya Mayor, who is working on a documentary series about “ Bigfoot “, confirmed what many had already noticed: In the famous video, the creature’s gait resembles that of a human wearing a large costume more than that of a giant ape. According to a primatologist, the silhouette seen in Colorado could be a hunter wearing ” Ghillie suit », camouflage uniform.

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