Donald Trump et Joe Biden, lors de leur débat présidentiel.

Biden authorizes transfer of Trump records to commission investigating attacks on Capitol Hill

US President Joe Biden, on Friday, October 8, allowed the transmission of archives related to the actions of his predecessor Donald Trump on January 6, during the attack on the Capitol Building, to a parliamentary investigation committee dividing Washington. The elected officials at the head of this committee threatened to prosecute those close to the former Republican president who refused to cooperate in its work.

This is amazing “special commissionof the House of Representatives was set up to assess the role played by Donald Trump in the attack led by his supporters on the congressional seat, when elected officials confirmed Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

condemn “JugglerMost elected Republican officials declined to participate. For his part, the former president invoked the powers of the executive branch to keep certain information confidential to prevent the National Archives from handing over to this committee a whole series of documents related to his actions on January 6 (meeting reports, emails, letters…).

Trump denies responsibility

But Joe BidenDecided that it was not legal to invoke a presidential privilegeWhite House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said during a news conference to prevent this transfer. “The President considers it extremely important for Congress and Americans to have a full view of today’s events, in order to prevent them from happening again.“, justified. The authority also sent summons in September to four relatives of the former president, to present him with other documents and to testify before them. According to the American press, Donald Trump asked them not to cooperate.

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Former advisor Steve BannonHe said he would try to hide behind a vague reference to the privileges of the former presidentIt was confirmed Friday, Democratic-elect Benny Thompson and fellow Republican Liz Cheney, who chairs this committee. “We will not allow any witnesses to challenge an injunction or play around the clock, and we will immediately consider the possibility of criminal prosecution for obstruction of Congress.They threatened in a statement.

Donald Trump, who remains popular among Republican voters, denies responsibility for the attack on Congress. His grip on the Republican Party allowed him to be acquitted in February after a congressional trial on charges of “…Incitement to rebellion».

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